Putting the Finishing Touches to your Electric Fire

Electric Fire design

Electric fires are incredibly popular in today’s drive towards efficiency and passive houses. Heat will always be an important factor when buying or building. However with the advent of passive houses the cold is kept out. This in turn limits the need for excessive heat sources such as wood and multi fuel stoves. Ventilation, insulation […]

We recently tested the Nono Peppe Pizza oven… We really liked what we saw! It tasted great too!!

Nono Pepe Pizza Oven

Pizza Ovens are a great way to add to your summer evenings. It’s a fast and fun way to feed lots of people! It’s also no secret that pizzas taste great when cooked in a wood fired oven. The crackling of the wood and the smells of the sizzling pepperoni, smokey chicken, chorizo , smoked […]

My Firebricks or Glass is Cracked!!

stove repairs firebrick glass

These are common issue we all face as stove owners and we run into them on a weekly basis here in Spratt’s. Cracked or damaged firebricks or glass, when do they need replaced? Firebrick Repair Firebricks reflect heat back into the fire which allows for a hotter, cleaner burn but these are wear and tear […]

Chimney Cowls: Do you know the difference?

Chimmney Cowls DownDraught Updraught

Chimney cowls have a variety of different uses to suit a variety of different conditions that your chimney may be experiencing. Some simple to alleviate issues like bird or rain ingress to more complex prevailing wind issues. The positioning of your house, the height of your chimney in relation to nearby land or buildings all […]

Switch to Electric? The All New Infinty E Range

Heat design Infinity Electric Fire

The all new Infinity E 4D large format Ecoflame electric fire is available at Spratt Fireplaces and Stove Centre. Heat is not always a top priority in a modern home. With new standards in glazing, insulation, and underfloor heating most new builds are incredibly efficient at retaining heat. For this reason electric has seen a […]

Gazco Loft Fire & Heat at the Touch of a Button

Gazco Loft Gas Fire

The Gazco loft is now in our showroom in New Mills and it showcases the simplicity and elegance of modern day gas fires. It’s stunning visuals fit beautifully within the modern home. Filling the space with a real heat to create a cosy and comfortable living space. The tall firebox allows for a window into […]

The Morso 6612 Gold Tinted Wood Burning Stove.

Morso 6612

We have just fitted the brand new Morso 6612 into our showroom in New Mills. A stunning example of a free standing wood burning stove. The stove has a huge open glass elliptical viewing chamber. The perfect optics to watch the flames against the gold tinted vermiculite that adorns the internal back firewall of the […]

Got a big space you need to heat?

Vitae 11kw Cassette stove

The Heat Design Vitae 11KW Cassette stove is a great option to heat a larger than average sized room. You can fill your kitchen diner, or an open plan living space with 11KW’s of heat output. This is generated by the robust and modern looking Heat Design Vitae Cassette Stove. This particular cassette stove comes […]