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Wall Hung Electric Fires

Wall hung fires are the ideal choice when you have a flat wall or Chimney breast and don’t want to go to the expense or the hassle of studding, building or breaking out a chimney breast to install a built-in Electric fire, some wall hung units for eg. the Ezee Glow Zara can be wall hung or recessed.

Wall hung units are similar to Electric Suites only simpler in design but both can be considered the same.

Benefits of a wall Hung fires:

  • Easy Install, normally 4-6 fixing on the wall
  • Plug and play with standard 3 pin plug, not painting, filling or any remedial work needed
  • variable size to suit you needs
  • Fit in any room, Including Halls , Bedrooms, Office’s, Waiting rooms

Electric Fires

Volta 1000

1,395.00 inc. vat

Electric Fires

Volta 750

1,330.00 inc. vat
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Electric Fires

Gazco Radiance Glass

From: 810.00

Electric Fires

Gazco Radiance Steel

From: 875.00

Cassette/Built In Electric Fires

Gazco Riva 2 670 Evoke Steel Electric Fire

1,375.00 inc. vat

Cassette/Built In Electric Fires

Gazco Riva 2 670 Verve XS Electric Fire

From: 1,395.00

Cassette/Built In Electric Fires

Riva2 670 Evoke Glass Frame

From: 1,320.00