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Chimney Cowls are a necessary part of any stove or fireplace installation, for the simple reason as to prevent rain entering the stove or in a open fires case the dreaded black dots on the floor or the new Rug for the hail the night before.
● Anti-Down Draught cowl will prevent bird nesting or entering your home via the chimney.
● Spinning Cowls are design to reduce down draught and can some time increase drawn although we do not guarantee an improvement of flue draw with a spinner.
● H cowl an Anti-Drown Draught cowl and design to reduce down draught.
● Electric Flue fans are use when flue draw is too low, this is the only solution to this problem apart from a Flue Cube (Not away a success) or modifying the height of the chimney stack which is has no guarantee of success.

30.00 inc. vat
30.00 inc. vat

Chimney Caps/Cowls

Static Anti Down Draught Cowl

60.00 inc. vat
180.00 inc. vat

Chimney Caps/Cowls

Mad Capping Cowl Terracotta

25.00 inc. vat

Chimney Caps/Cowls

Dragon Cowl Stainless Steel


Chimney Caps/Cowls

Mitre Chinmey Cowl

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80.00 inc. vat
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