5″ Flexi Armaflue 904 (Per Metre)

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Insufficient draw to power the stove: A flexible chimney liner helps improve the draft within the chimney, ensuring that smoke and combustion gases are effectively drawn out of the stove and expelled outside. This improved draft can enhance the stove’s performance and efficiency.

Lack of heat output: Proper insulation and sealing provided by the flexible chimney liner can help retain heat within the chimney, allowing for optimal heat transfer from the stove to the living space. This can result in increased heat output and improved comfort.

Leaking tar/smoke: By creating a sealed chimney from the stove to the terminal, a flexible chimney liner prevents leaks of tar and smoke into the surrounding areas of the home. This not only improves air quality but also reduces the risk of chimney fires and damage to the chimney structure.

Suitability for various fuels: Flexible chimney liners are designed to accommodate a wide range of heating appliances, including those fueled by solid fuels (such as wood or coal), gas, and oil. This versatility makes them suitable for various types of installations and ensures compatibility with different heating systems.

Construction and certifications: The flexible chimney liners you’ve described utilize two skins of Higher Grade 904 on the inside and 316 grade stainless steel on the outside, this provides a much higher durability and corrosion resistance, ensuring long-term performance. They are classified as Class One flue systems, meeting safety standards and regulations. Additionally, their CE approval indicates compliance with European safety standards.

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