Bio-Ethanol: The Latest in modern living.

Modern building regulations and heat requirements in modern homes is really changing the landscape of how we stay cosy and warm in our homes. There is a big drive to keep cold out and seal the space as much as possible. The aim is to limit the consumption of carbon fuels to heat a space in turn creating your A+ rated passive houses. The fuel we burn especially non-renewable fuels such as coal, turf, gas or oil is leaving a carbon footprint that can’t be filled in our lifetime. On one hand the fuel itself cannot be sustained as it takes 10’s of thousands of years to form, simply put we burn it faster than nature can make it. The other issue is the release of carbon into the environment which at high volumes can cause illness and damaging greenhouse effects.

So where does Bio-ethanol fit into all this?

Bio-ethanol is obtained by fermenting the sugar and starch components of vegetable by products notably sugar cane, grain, potatoes and even hay. This means there is no soot deposits or unpleasant smells. In some cases no chimney is required at all and it can burn freely in your home, which means no heat loss, perfect for a new build. It is also a safer fuel to burn in the home, not only does it only contain trace amounts of CO2, it is also far less volatile than gas or oil. Bio-ethanol begins to evaporate at 12 degrees Celsius. The vapour that is produced is heavier than air causing it to float above the surface of the liquid bio-ethanol. This means only the gas and not the liquid burns, resulting in vivid dancing flames.

The latest cutting edge contemporary fireplaces.

The range of models available are stunning, providing a contemporary piece for your home or commercial premises. Due to the smaller burners not needing a flue you can really go to town on the contemporary look. Completing that stunning centre piece in your new home. There are also bigger options that do give out a lot more heat but will require a flue system such as the Passo E Automatic. We have recently started to display this model in our showrooom and its getting a a lot of attention. It has easy to load tanks at the bottom to load and store your bio-ethanol fuel supply. A simple glow plug ignites the fire and a huge flame effect is produced. The flame effect fills the combustion area and produces nearly 5kw of heat. #


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