Room to Improve

This project was designed, manufactured and installed for Donegal’s best known singer Daniel O’Donnell and his wife Majella which was also filmed for the popular TV series Room to Improve with Architect Dermot Bannon.


We first received drawings from Dermot Bannon’s Architects in mid November for a double sided wood burning stove which  appeared to be installed in a centre unit not unlike a Kitchen island with a granite top and book shelves on ea


ch side. The main difference between this unit and an island unit, would be a wood burning stove close to a metre wide with glass on both sides and a flue coming out the top and it would continue up through what would be a fully open vaulted ceiling.


The first challenge in this project was to ensure that when the fire was in use the main structure would not exceed temperatures too hot to touch, as this would pose a serious health and safety risk for children and adults alike.The next was supporting the flue pipe which would continue through the roof. Last but not least would be ensuring we could design, manufacture and install this bespoke project on time to meet the the timeline set to us.


First off was a meeting with Majella,Daniel and Johnny Dorrian from DCL (Dorrian Construction LTD) to discuss the design and finer details of the project. With dimensions and colours confirmed we got to work on designing and manufacturing steel frames, Granite Logs Boxes and Fire proof Board. Then the install was all that was left to complete. One day was needed on site to install the unit and the Flue pipe through the roof with another day for finishing touches.

The finished result speaks for itself, a room dividing stove like no other, all the benefits of a double sided stove with the appearance of fitted furniture and no obstruction to light.

We would like to wish Daniel and Majella many years of cosy nights in front their bespoke fireplace and to thank the

m for the opportunity to design and install a bespoke stove which we are proud to add to our portfolio.

We would also like to thank Dorrian Construction Ltd for their continued business and support.

Stove installed was is a Stovax Studio 2 Duplex Double sided wood burning stove

Also featured in the show was Breac House which we also installed the feature Morso S120-21 Double sided wood burning stove.



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