Dik Guerts New Showroom Display

Dik Guerts Vision 80


After a few weeks on the our wharehouse shelf we finally managed to install our new live display in our showroom and we could not be happier with the rewards, The Vision 80EA Wood Burning Cassette by Dik Guerts grabs your attending the moment you see its hypnotic dancing Flames not forget the immense heat it blasts at you.

This stove has all the features your high efficiency home demands,

  1. Wood Burning only, it’s carbon neutral (only emits the same amount of Co2 as the tree absorbed from the atmosphere when growing)
  2. Over 85% Efficient, less frequent reloading times
  3. Direct out-side Air ready, maintain an air tight home as air is feed directly to the combustion chamber of the stove from outside.
  4.  Sleek and Modern European design, Full Glazed door with a inverted finishing trim allowing a flushing finished wall
  5. Air Distribution Ducts, feed air to other parts of your home via 2 air duct located at the top of the convection box (optional)
  6. Convection Heat, Unlike a number of European stoves the Vision is manufactured with a Convection Chamber allowing this unit to be installed into a masonry wall
  7. Controllability, second to none draft control, Ideal for Heat management and strong drawing chimneys

Click Here for more info and to buy Online, why not visit our showroom and see it burning.

Watch it Burn



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