Wood Pellet Stoves “Heat your Room for 5 days for Less than €5”

Wood Pellet Stove

Wood Pellet Stoves are increasing in popularity, they’re incredibly efficient and come in three different functions. The three functions available are room heaters, ductable and boiler stoves. Room heaters do as described in that they are designed to heat the space they are situated similar to a standard stove. Ductable wood pellet stoves heat not only the room they are situated in but also an adjoining room via a ducting. Boiler wood pellet stoves heat household water to heat radiators or underfloor systems etc. These three main variations are all fed by 6mm wood pellet which can be sourced in Ireland very widely and very easily delivered to your door. I will discuss more in relation to the costs below in the running costs.

Room Heaters

A wood pellet air stove can be used to heat a single room of almost any size and can also distribute heat to adjoining rooms quite effectively by means of a built in fan. The fan creates circulation of air and leaving doors open will allow this warm air to distribute throughout the house.    

Ductable Stoves

Sometimes heat has no means of travelling through your house efficiently and due to walls and corners in your home the only solution is a ductable stove. Heat is simply moved through a duct using the stoves integrated fan, to a room or rooms above or adjacent to the stove itself

Boiler Stoves

With efficiencies of up to 97% boiler stoves are incredibly effective and efficient. They also offer a  visible flame and a portion of the heat to the room similar to a conventional boiler stove.

Running Costs

This is the real winner when it comes to making a decision to buy a wood pellet stove. The running costs are minimal. The efficiency generated by the unit really helps to keep your running costs down. Taking the Martina 7 air stove as an example a product from our suppliers Kalor. The pellet tank capacity is 13kg which will cost less than €5 to fill if buying from Leinster pellets.

Martina 7 Kalor Wood Pellet Stove
Martina 7 Kalor Wood Pellet Stove

1 pallet of 80 bags €430 as of 02/03/2020


Minimum pellet consumption 0.6kgs per hour / Maximum 1.4kgs per hour this gives an approx. burn time of 9-22 hours for less than €5. If you only use your stove in the evening from 7pm -11pm you could heat your room with 7kws of heat which is equivalent to an average sized stove for 5 days for less than €5. The electrical requirements are 300w at start up only to heat the glow plug to get the pellets to catch fire and 100w running the majority of your burn to run the display and timers etc.

Living with my new wood Pellet Stove  

Wood pellet stoves are built with efficiency at the forefront, the main agenda is heating your home for less. The stove uses a fan to burn the pellets and distribute the heat, the sound of this fan needs to be taken into account when placing your stove. The stove does have a visible flame its no roaring log fire but it is a real flame and offers a warm and cosy feeling to any room. Cleaning your wood pellet stove is incredibly easy. If you’re used to a coal or log fire then the ash content goes from a bucket to an egg cup. You still need to carry fuel to the stove but you will carry it once and it will burn easily for 8-12hrs. The glass at the front can be easily cleaned by any standard stove glass cleaner and you can hoover around the fire box once a month to clear any loose debris or ash that has fallen from the burner. Most wood pellet stoves come with auto ignition, a timer, thermostatic control, remote control and mobile phone activation.  

Call into Spratt Fireplaces in Letterkenny and we can give you all the details you require to help heat your home with wood pellets. Saving money in the long run and being a lot more environmentally friendly.

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