The Sheraton 5: The big little Stove!

Sheraton 5 wide stove

The biggest problem new home owners encounter is the desire to have a cosy looking real fire, with NO HEAT. That’s right, absolutely no heat. It of course is an impossible task in a real fire. Thermodynamics are pretty rock solid with no room for fake news. New homeowners have incredibly efficient homes and heat retention is a priority. If the option of electric is just not for you and you want a real fire The Sheraton 5 is a fantastic option.

The aesthetics of the stove allow for a huge viewing area into the fire box. Usually a huge viewing area comes alongside higher heat outputs. The Sheraton 5 however, overcomes this issue. Heat is kept at a minimum of a nominal 5kw by having a more shallow stove overall, which is useful compromise for modern homes. Less depth allows for less heat, maintaining those big, bold optics and allowing your stunning real fire to burn uninterrupted.

The stove comes as a a multi-fuel burner, allowing you to burn wood or smokeless fuels. The stove is fully cast iron, with a beautiful beveled frame and cornices at the front of the large glass door. The Sheraton 5 comes in four different variations. The Sheraton 5 Standard wood burner, The Sheraton 5 wide wood burner, The Standard multi fuel and the Wide Multi Fuel.

The Sheraton 5 has the option of longer legs to give you more of a commanding look in bigger spaces. It also has an optional direct air kit to allow for a direct feed of oxygen into the back of the stove. This avoids the issue of exhausting oxygen directly from the room. The Sheraton also comes with a 5 year extended warranty to give you peace of mind with your new purchase.

We have the Sheraton 5 on display today in New Mills just outside letterkenny. It’s a great addition to our showroom. The stoves versatility and ability to tick so many boxes makes it a great option for someone who just can’t say no to a real fire. Why not call out today and have a look, can give us a call on (074)91-24144 or email:

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