What happens when you mix Water with 240V’s, You get Fire !!!!!

Dimplex Opti Myst Pro 1000


New Dimplex Opti Myst Pro 1000 Bespoke Showroom Display

We are over the moon with how our new Dimplex Opti-Myst showroom display has turned out, we think it is a game changer. We have been increasing asked about double sided and 3 sided electric fires and although we knew and had Pro 1000 on display that would cover this basis and is the only one so far to do so, we only had it set in the wall and it was never really finished, right nor did we have it fitted right either, (Never was plumbed in to the supply, I’ll back to this later). This lead to client not having the faith in purchasing it and opting for the wood burner instead that most likely will never be lit. So we decided to get our act together and show the real potential of this fire. we hope you like the results. 

How it worksDimplex Opti Myst Pro 1000

Electric fire technology hasn’t changed much in the past 20 years, the tradition way electric fires have operate are usually a row of ribbons behind a pane of glass with a fan flickering them back and forth or a for the better part a piece of Tinsel rotating, both light up by a 40 watt bulb or 2. The Opti Myst is very different, manufacture as a engine unit (Like a Big Grate)  moulded logs on top with led back lighting, the Flame effect is produced with water vapour, the fire has 2 reservoirs (Pro 1000) that are continually filler with water from a main supply, a little unit in the reservoirs called a Transducer creates a low frequency power turning the water in to a Mist, fans and very low heat cause the mist to be force out a long slot above the reservoirs, a row of Amber coloured LED lights angled towards the mist giving dancing flame effect that you see. Although the plumb in method is the best option, the fire is supply with 2 water tank that can be filled when needed give approx 6-8 hour of continuous use.


What set this fire aside from the rest is it versatility, the fact that this fire comes as a engine unit and not a full metal cassette with the glass in place, mean the option for install is endless, The Pro ranges starts at 500mm in length the next size is 1m, 500mm section can be added and paired with the mother fire to create a fire as long as you like. False Chimney Breast can be constructed around the fire, glass can be added, cladding or brick as a back round, Double sided configurations 3 sided or even 4 sided looks can be achieved, the possibility are endless.


Cost is paired with the vesatility, it can be as simple a the main purchase of the fire €1995.00, and some form studding around it, or you can consult with our team and have a fully bespoke chimney design and install by our skilled team of installers.

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Dimplex Opti Myst Pro 1000 Dimplex Opti Myst Pro 1000



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