Switch to Electric? The All New Infinty E Range

Heat design Infinity Electric Fire

The all new Infinity E 4D large format Ecoflame electric fire is available at Spratt Fireplaces and Stove Centre. Heat is not always a top priority in a modern home. With new standards in glazing, insulation, and underfloor heating most new builds are incredibly efficient at retaining heat. For this reason electric has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. Providing a focal point in your room or open plan living space and when needed still retaining the ability to provide heat at the touch of a button.

The Infinity Range benefits from a new and improved deep and reflective fuel and flame effect that is setting new standards within the industry. It boasts a flickering ember effect fuel bed, 7 day timer and optional trim and fireplace mood lights to name but a few of the recent innovations.

The infinity range comes in four different formats including the 480E, 780E, 890E and the 1500E. All models generally speaking refer to the width of the model. Also each model has a three, two or single sided option which can be easily achieved by removing one or two of the side panels to reveal the side facing glass. This allows you to format your fire in a traditional or more contemporary set up.

The 480E shown in the image above is 513mm wide which allows it to be set into a more traditional surround, however can also be fitted flush into the wall or in a two or three sided option.

The 780E is 790mm wide, the 890E is 918mm wide and the 1500E is 1502mm wide all allowing for a more panoramic view of the fire.

Key Features 

Live Flame – ultra realistic flame effect with three color options and four mood settings offering a dimming effect on the size and intensity of the flame.

Ambilight Fuel Bed – A palette of thirteen different fuel bed lighting looks. You can set it to match your taste or it can be set to cycle through the whole pallet. 

Mood Lighting (optional) – LED lighting strips are an available extra and can plug directly into the fire and be controlled by the remote. 

Thermocontrol Remote – lighting, flame effect and all heat options can be controlled by the touch of a button. 

Eco design- The fire has an inbuilt thermostat, open window detection and has a 7 day timer setting to help save on your energy bills.

Electric fires open the door to a whole host of options and materials with very little restrictions on how you can display your new fire. Wood, glass, tile, cladding, plaster your imagination is your only restriction. So call out to New Mills Letterkenny today and find out more about the infinity range. 

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