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Dimplex Opti Myst Pro 1500 with Glass

You’ve done your research; everyone is saying the same thing “YOU WON’T NEED HEAT” but you want a fire in your new home. Never did you think in a million years when the day came off building your dream home it would be an Electric fire you would be putting in it and not a roaring open fire. The difference is as you probably already know the electric fire you are installing is nothing like the brass frame effect fire Granny had in the front with the 3 heater bars.

1: Where to start?

2: Does the builder build a chimney?

3: Maybe not a Chimney but a Stud a brace for the fire?

4: What else will in need for the fire?

5: Who will install the fire?

We hope to answer all these questions in this blog and hopefully you will be able to take a breath and realise this is not the mammoth job you though it might be.

Where to Start?

The best advise we can give on this is start looking ant fires early, we mean early, before the any building starts, and preferably before you have even drawn up plans. The reason for this is we see client after client that have carried on with the planning, Sent out the tenders for building, Started the building process, got the house closed in (Windows and doors ready for plastering) and of course built a chimney. Now this seems like a perfectly a normal thing to do right! It is the only problem is they didn’t need a chimney, they have just paid the Architect, Builder and Builder suppliers thousand of Euro for a chimney that will never be use and worse still may even be in the way of the fire they actually want.

Start googling for ideas, most likely you will find our site which is great, Look at the styles you like and then call or email us. Our team of Sales people will guide you through every thing you need to know, from the cost of the fire and what options each one has, We are agent for all the top brand of fires including, Evonic, Dimplex, Faber, Gazco, Charlton and Jenrick, Vision E line and Elgin and Hall. The final look and how it should be built, which brings us to our next question.

Will I get my Contractor to build a chimney?

You can, You don’t have to, but it can be done in the traditional block and plaster. This were it get tricky though, most of the electric fire today are built into the wall and are positioned approx. 400-500mm of the floor, the common perception is built an opening the size of the fire and slide it in when the plastering is done, “Right” unfortunately this is not the case as the majority of the cassette electric fires must be built into the wall and plastered around, but get the timing right and this is still not problem, Unless you have decided on a three sided fire in this case a Block chimney will just not work and if you were to ask us we would say it is pointless building anything in block at all.

Maybe not a Chimney but a Stud a brace for the fire?

So yes, studding a brace is the best option and this can be done with the fire in place, allowing the fire to be built around. But this can cause problems, The builder will want this work to be done post plastering stage for the simple reason that it is much better to have everything plastered together and it will be very difficult to get the Plastering contractor to come back and do this small job later.

What else will in need for the fire?

I most case a standard socket or an insulation Switch is all that is needed, but in the case of some electric fires like the Dimplex Opti Myst Pro and the Faber E matrix a mains water supply will also be required. This may seem out of place to have water with and electric fire but it works and looks very well.

If my Contractor does not install the fire who will?

We will, when you visit our showroom our showroom our sales staff with show you the products that were discussed in the previous call or email, work out the design, Is there a Television going above the fire and will it be recessed into the wall? Will the chimney breast be the same width all the way to the floor, maybe full length unit from wall to wall, this is just a same example of the question we will ask. Once an idea of design has be reached, our design team will get to work in drawing up your new fire into a 3D image (Deposit required for this service) ready for you view and sign off. Our skilled craftsmen will get to work on your new fire, making every component were possible in our factory (Site visit may be required to that detail measurements). An installation date will be arranged, our installation team will arrive on the given day to fully install the fire, in most cases this can be done in same working day. The only other trades people you may need is the Electrician to hard wire the fire into an insulation switch and a Painter.

Our aim is to take the stress out of this part of your built and give you the fire you dreamt of. By taking control of the full install you can be assure that what you ask for is what you will get with no middlemen to get in the way. We can also ensure that your new fire is installed to the manufacture’s recommendations given you piece of mind in the future should a problem arise that the warranty will be valid.

Evonic E1500gf Multi Box Electric Fires
Dimplex Otimyst pro 1000
Evonic E1500GF
Faber E matrix 800/650 111
Faber E Matrix 800/500 111
Dimplex Opti Myst Pro 1500 with Glass

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