Morsø 3410 Owl Multi Fuel / Wood Burning Stove


The Morso Owl 3410 is a DEFRA approved, environmentally friendly multi fuel and wood burning stove with a rated heat output of 6.5Kw’s.

Made of sturdy Danish cast iron, the Morso Owl 3410 features a sophisticated combustion system with tertiary air supply for optimum control over the burning process.

Its well-balanced air supply ensures that all the fuel gases are burned before leaving up the flue. This means the Morso Owl 3410 meets even the most stringent environmental requirements, with an Energy Efficiency Class Rating of A+.

  • Radiant Heat
  • Pre-heated Combustion Air
  • Pre-heated Secondary Air Supply
  • Tertiary Air
  • Riddling Grate System
  • Removable Handle

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