Alpha III Boiler Stove

Call for Price

This impressive looking and highly efficient boiler stove generates a total heat output of 15.1kW when burning wood. It delivers a generous 9.4kW to the water system, enough to power 10 radiators (depending on size) as well as your domestic hot water. This makes the Alpha III Boiler the ideal choice for the average and larger home.

The Alpha III Boiler is made by the same people who produce Ireland’s best selling Aidan® boiler stove, so ‘tried, tested and trusted’ are all part of the package which also includes our five year bodywork and boiler guarantee for complete peace-of mind.

Importantly, the Alpha III Boiler features an easy to remove decorative cast iron stove lid which, accesses the full width fire chamber inspection plate. Along with the Alpha’s easy to remove baffle plate, this allows simple and complete access to the flueway just above the integral wrap-around boiler for regular cleaning which is critical for the safe and efficient operation of any boiler stove. This would normally be difficult to do on other boiler stoves without disconnecting the flue pipe itself.

Packed full of features, including its modest price, you’d be hard pushed to find a stove with a similar output offering this much value for money.

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