Dru Virtuo 80/2 Right Corner Electric Fire

4,795.00 inc. vat

Whether you live in an apartment or have a house without a chimney, in any situation you can now install a 100% electric fire. Just like a wood or gas fire the Dru Vitruo 80/2 provides wonderful warmth in your home.Make a responsible choice with electric, where together we can create a better world for the next generation!

Flame Effect

Unlike ordinary electric fires, the Virtuo 3D flame picture is generated by a unique projection system that replicates the image of a real log fire, from the tall, dancing flames to the glowing LED fire bed and flying embers. The mirrored Ceraglass interior further enhances the depth of image and there is even the sound of crackling wood.

There are three different flame variations, including special light effects that can be updated. In addition, there is a remote control and an exclusive control app for smartphones and tablets with a timer and thermostat.

  • Unique projection technique creates different types of flame images
  • LED glow bed enhances the flame effects
  • Sound of a crackling wood fire
  • Equipped with thermostat function
  • Many functions to control with the remote control and app
  • Optional convection spoiler ensures optimum air circulation

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