Mitre Chinmey Cowl

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Mi-Flues Mitre cowl is designed to reduce over excessive draught on a flue or chimney system. It is not recommended to use this cowl as a simple rain cap on an adequately performing chimney. The unit is manufactured from a high quality 316 grade stainless steel and is also available in a black coloured finish.

Mi-Flues Mitre cowl is designed witha quick and easy fit base and clamping section which together ensure the cowl is adequately fitted and firmly secured to the chimney pot. To install you simply slide the base of the cowl firmly inside the chimney pot then bend the three adjustable stainless steel leg bands around the outer diameter of the chimney pot. The adjustable legs ensure that the Mitre cowl can be fitted to any of the wide range of decorative finished chimney pots on the market today. To finish the installation simply tighten the adjustable jubilee type locking system with a screw driver. The Mitre cowl can be easily removed prior to chimney cleaning


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