Dragon Cowl Stainless Steel

From: 210.00

Design and developed to reduce down and increase up draught, Think of it like a rudder of a boat or a weather station (North,South, East and west with the pointer)  , the fin on top of the cowl ensure the open face is always face away from the prevailing wind, the Louvre fins face the wind and direct the air flow up and out the far side thus increase flue draw. Unlike Roto or Spinning cowl the Dragon cowl does contentiously rotate, there for the life span of the cowl is greatly increased.

Please Note: This cowl is designed with wood burning in mind, although it will operate equally the same with smokeless fuel the life with be reduced due the chemicals in the fuel.

We do not guarantee any cowl we work, however if your cowl does not solve a problem you have, you can return it within 14 days for a full money back guarantee. In a rare case you may receive a cowl that has been returned to us by another customer and may show signs soot and smoke. (If you do not wish to receive a test cowl, you will not be able to avail of our return policy)  

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