Kratki Umbrella Patio Black Gas Heater Steel

466.65 inc. vat

UMBRELLA is a modern outdoor gas heater which will extend your summer time. Due to its presence, wonderful moments in the garden or on the terrace in the company of family and friends do not have to end with the arrival of colder evenings.
The design and structure of the heater guarantees protection of the burning fire from the wind.
The UMBRELLA heater is equipped with a special anti-roll valve, which in the case of the appliance falling over automatically cuts off the gas supply to the controller, extinguishing the flame at the same time.
The heater is equipped with a completely safe, manual gas control system which protects against uncontrolled fuel leakage. Additionally, the appliances is equipped with a thermocouple sensor which, if the control burner flame is blown off, shuts off the gas supply to the burner.

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