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Chimney Cowls are a necessary part of any stove or fireplace installation, for the simple reason as to prevent rain entering the stove or in a open fires case the dreaded black dots on the floor or the new Rug for the hail the night before.
● Anti-Down Draught cowl will prevent bird nesting or entering your home via the chimney.
● Spinning Cowls are design to reduce down draught and can some time increase drawn although we do not guarantee an improvement of flue draw with a spinner.
● H cowl an Anti-Drown Draught cowl and design to reduce down draught.
● Electric Flue fans are use when flue draw is too low, this is the only solution to this problem apart from a Flue Cube (Not away a success) or modifying the height of the chimney stack which is has no guarantee of success.

30.00 inc. vat
30.00 inc. vat

Flue Pipes And Bends

Static Anti Down Draught Cowl

60.00 inc. vat

Chimney Caps/Cowls

Mitre Chinmey Cowl

From: 89.00

Flue Pipes And Bends

150mm Mi Flue Pot Hanger

130.00 inc. vat
180.00 inc. vat