We recently tested the Nono Peppe Pizza oven… We really liked what we saw! It tasted great too!!

Nono Pepe Pizza Oven

Pizza Ovens are a great way to add to your summer evenings. It’s a fast and fun way to feed lots of people! It’s also no secret that pizzas taste great when cooked in a wood fired oven. The crackling of the wood and the smells of the sizzling pepperoni, smokey chicken, chorizo , smoked cheeses are perfect way to treat your guests this summer.

The Nono Peppe is a genuine Italian handmade oven and we could see the craftsmanship right out of the box. The design is simple, solid and well constructed. The oven is made from stainless steel which is perfect for our climate. As we all know summer can have its share of showers. The oven is well insulated and heats up to cooking temperature very quickly.

The oven is ready to use out of the box, just needing to attach the flue pipe and your ready for your first pizza. The ovens are light, portable and easy to store longer term in garages or sheds. All the ovens can be used outdoors or indoors, with the correct flue system. The ovens also come with a door, thermometer, wood holder, 500mm chimney pipe and rain cap.  The ovens come in a variety of sizes including the 1 pizza oven, 2 pizza oven and the 4 pizza oven.   

We started with 5 or 6 bits of wood roughly 12” kindling, this got the fire going. After 10-15 minutes we refueled the fire with a few more small pieces of kindling. We were surprised at how fast the thermostat climbed in temperature. After 20 mins the pizza oven was at a temperature ready for pizzas. The oven’s insulation retains heat for the cooking process but it also keeps the heat higher for longer to ensure the temperature is adequate to continue cooking for a longer period of time. You could also use earthen cookware or an iron skillet and use the pizza oven to sear vegetables, garlic potatoes. Why not seal your steak and throw them on a griddle to finish with a beautiful wood fired smokey taste.

What we noticed from using the pizza oven was its speed. Very fast to heat in comparison to bigger units that take a lot longer and require a lot more fuel. Pizzas cooked in minutes and the most important of all is the end product, a beautiful taste that would set any summers evening off to a great start. You can come and take a look at the pizza oven in New Mills in Letterkenny. If you’re interested in a demo, why not let us know, we would be happy to light it up and show you the pizza oven in action.

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