My Firebricks or Glass are Cracked!!

stove repairs firebrick glass

These are common issue we all face as stove owners and we run into them on a weekly basis here in Spratt’s. Cracked or damaged firebricks or glass, when do they need replaced?

Firebrick Repair

Firebricks reflect heat back into the fire which allows for a hotter, cleaner burn but these are wear and tear items and will need to be replaced. We also refer to them as consumables. Other consumables are fire rope, side and baffle plates and grates etc.  These all are designed to take the brunt of the heat during your burn, they all have their own specific roles within the stove but eventually will need replaced.

Cracks in your firebrick are not a huge issue especially in a new stove. As a general rule of thumb a hairline crack is not something that needs much attention. You can continue to use your stove within it’s general limitations e.g. wood only or smokeless fuels etc. Below is an example of a firebrick that is perfectly safe to continue using. You can at this point carefully skim a little fire cement over the crack to extend the life of the brick.

Safe and okay to burn

When the crack becomes wider or the stove behind becomes exposed like in the image below then it is time to ring us. We can cut new firebricks or if you have a stove with a intricate design, air intakes or embossing on the brick we can order you a new set of bricks from the manufacturer. In the image below the brick is ready to fall into the fire and you can see bare metal behind the brick. This brick needs replaced and is not protecting the stove behind the brick anymore. At this point contact us on (074)91-24144.

Time to replace firebrick

Glass Repair

Glass is more straight forward due to it’s importance, as soon as a crack appears you should have it repaired. Glass is not a consumable it should last the life of the stove but like any glass it can be easily damaged. If the glass is curved we will need to order you new glass from the manufacturer. If the glass is flat you can send us in dimensions and we can cut your new glass to size. Also at this stage if your door needs re-sealed with rope why not bring the whole door into our showroom and we can replace the rope and glass all in one.

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