Got a big space you need to heat?

Vitae 11kw Cassette stove

The Heat Design Vitae 11KW Cassette stove is a great option to heat a larger than average sized room. You can fill your kitchen diner, or an open plan living space with 11KW’s of heat output. This is generated by the robust and modern looking Heat Design Vitae Cassette Stove.

This particular cassette stove comes in a three and four sided option. The three sided frame allows you to use the stove with a more traditional style fireplace set up. Or you can opt for the four sided frame option, this gives you the opportunity to inset the fireplace into a chimney breast, in the middle of your wall. This gives you a sleek minimal finish to compliment a modern kitchen diner or any compatible open plan living space. It of course also ads to the ease of use, being at a more convenient height for fueling and refueling your stove.


The 11KW Vitae Cassette is equipped with an extra large glass door. It it has a sleek and contemporary design which lends itself well to a mid-mounted cassette inset or a more traditional fitting with a fireplace. It has an outstanding efficiency rating of 78% maximizing heat output to your room. It has an airwash system which allows for a flow of air in front of the glass to keep it clear. It is also available with an external air kit that allows for a room sealed air intake without the need for external air vents to maximize your BER rating.


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