Gas Fires & Grand Designs

Gas Fire Metro 100 XT3

Gas fires are on the rise in popularity, and with it our portfolio of installs is growing. One in particular is the Dru Metro 100 XT3 pictured above. This install was completed just before the Christmas break. Our client had an existing chimney already built into the exterior of the building. This left them with a flat wall in their living room. After visiting our showroom and viewing different options, the Dru Metro 100XT3 ticked all the boxes. The fire, is a three sided gas fire, that has an impressive panoramic fire display. The panoramic view is uninterrupted with “Dru Clear View” glass system. The system is an anti-reflective glass that gives you the optical illusion of an open fire. You also have a variety of views to choose from with brown logs, white stone or anthracite glass to enhance that contemporary feel, ensuring you get the desired effect for your room. It has a closed combustion unit for maximum efficiency. No need for coal or wood to cut down on the mess and no hassle with heat at the touch of a button.

Can I Install Gas in my Home?

Here at Spratt’s Fireplaces and Stoves our team of experienced installers will professionally and safely fit your new fire. Just like they did in this case with the Metro XT3. To install gas in your home you can fit a balanced flue system to an exterior wall or like in this case, the same balanced flue system can be fed into your existing chimney with a simple flue adapter. A balanced flue system allows for external air intake and expulsion in the same flue outlet. Each system is room sealed to allows you to achieve maximum efficiency for positive BER ratings. So no leaks and no external drafts flowing into your home as a result of the installation.

Fueling your Fire

The fire is fueled by either LPG or natural gas which allows for clean safe storage of fuel without the need for coal bunkers or wood stores. The fire has an efficiency level of 83.3%. This indicates the ratio between the amount of fuel consumed by the fire and the percentage of heat it returns to your home.

Finishing Touches

We don’t just fit your fire, we leave your fire and surround in showroom condition. There is a whole variety of options of surrounds to bring your room right up to date. This customer had already purchased a 65″ TV and we sunk the TV into the chimney breast leaving them with a sleek and flush finish. Contact us today and we can advise you on your next step to modern living with the Dru Metro 100XT3 at Spratt’s Fireplaces and Stoves.

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