Gazco Loft Fire & Heat at the Touch of a Button

Gazco Loft Gas Fire

The Gazco loft is now in our showroom in New Mills and it showcases the simplicity and elegance of modern day gas fires. It’s stunning visuals fit beautifully within the modern home. Filling the space with a real heat to create a cosy and comfortable living space. The tall firebox allows for a window into it’s real flame and ceramic fire logs. Staying with the aesthetics of the gas stove, the Gazco Loft comes in a variety of options. The loft comes with a steel plinth, a sandstone plinth or a wooden plinth. It also comes with an optional log holder to add to the real flame effect. You can accentuate it’s long sleek look with a matching top section to bring a commanding presence as a freestanding unit or you can choose the option of a wall mounted stove for more efficient use of your space.

Can I have gas in my home?

Gas has come a long way in recent years, now burning more efficiently in a glass fronted fire box. With a balanced flue system the Gazco Loft can produce a highly efficient burn rate of 94.3% keeping your fuel costs to a minimum while heating your room. To fit and install a gas fire you will require a registered gas fitter and the stove can be conventionally flued or balance flued. This allows for the expulsion of fumes while also feeding the fire with oxygen via the same flue system. It can be easily fitted into an existing chimney or why not give us a call and we can advise on your own specific installation needs.

Practical Side of Gas

There’s no doubt a log burning fire has a natural and welcoming appeal in any home, but it does come with the necessity for a constant supply of fuel. A possible wood store or bunker and this comes with it’s drawback for some customers who simply don’t have the space or time to accommodate this requirement. In the home the gas fire requires minimal effort with an an instant remote start and no mess, keeping your hearth and stove area dust and debris free. We find customers coming to us who have had an injury or at a later stage in life that need heat without the upkeep and labour that is required of a natural wood or multi-fuel burner. It’s also perfect for the individual who finds time a precious commodity. A rushed breakfast could be so much more enjoyable in front of an instant gas flame. timed to come on just before you rise for the day.


The Gazco Loft comes with a host of features to help control the heat output and it’s efficiency. You can set the stove to work off a thermostat built into the unit’s remote. This will control the heat in your room and also manage the gas burn to control your spend and increase your efficiency. You can also program your unit to come on in two cycles P1 and P2. So you can set it for the morning rush and again in the evening. So if heat, efficiency and modern contemporary design is your thing, give us a call today. Spratt Fireplaces and Stove Centre (074) 91-24144.

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