Chimney Cowls: Do you know the difference?

Chimmney Cowls DownDraught Updraught

Chimney cowls have a variety of different uses to suit a variety of different conditions that your chimney may be experiencing. Some simple to alleviate issues like bird or rain ingress to more complex prevailing wind issues. The positioning of your house, the height of your chimney in relation to nearby land or buildings all can create problematic conditions for your chimney. There is no one simple solution to all the problems and sometimes it can be trial and error but here are few options that could solve your issues.

Smart Cap

Smart Cap is suitable for most conventional clay chimney pots or extended chimney liners with an 8” (200mm) internal diameter, the external diameter of which would normally be about 9 ½ (240mm). It is designed to prevent bird entry and to reduce rain ingress. It is available in 4 finishes stainless steel, terracotta, cream and black (see image below).

Feature and Benefits

  • Made from corrosion proof stainless steel
  • Fits most conventional chimney pots
  • Durable construction and universal fitting
  • Prevents rain and bird entry
  • Suitable for use with gas fired applications

Black Smart Cap

Smart Capping

Smart Capping is easily secured to the top of a masonry chimney which is no longer to be used. It is designed so that a narrow gap is left between the cap and the top of the flue which is necessary to prevent residual moisture in the stack creating damp problems. It is available in 4 finishes stainless Steel, Black, Cream and Terracotta (see image below).

Features and Benefits

  • Cap Size:350mm & 260mm (will fit an 8” standard flue)
  • Made from corrosion proof stainless steel
  • Fits most standard chimney pot diameters
  • Prevents foreign bodies from entering chimneys
  • Reduces heat loss through the chimney by up to 80%
  • Eliminates rain ingress

Terracotta  Smart Capping.

Smart Draught

Smart Draught is a wind driven, free spinning terminal designed to increase up draught in difficult chimneys. It is suitable for chimneys pots with an 8” (200mm) internal diameter, without the need to take into consideration the external diameter. Smart Draught is designed to be secured to the barbed section which is pushed inside the chimney pot.  It is available in 4 finishes stainless Steel, Terracotta, Cream and Black (see image below).

Benefits and Features

  • Fits most chimney pots (decorative or otherwise with an 8” internal diameter
  • Made from corrosion proof materials
  • Durable construction
  • For use on chimneys in downdraught situations
  • Promotes positive updraught
  • It is not suitable for use with a gas fired appliances
  • Prevents foreign bodies from entering the chimney

Black Smart Draught.

Smart Vent

Smart Vent prevents foreign bodies from entering the chimney and is designed to increase  updraught and reduce downdraught. It is suitable for chimney pots with an 8” (200mm ) internal diameter without the need to take into consideration the external diameter of the chimney pot. The closed upper surface of the terminal impedes the downward movement of the wind which might otherwise create a downdraught within the chimney. The curved shape of the four vertical walls behave like an aerofoil which creates a negative pressure on the inner curved edge as wind passes over (see image below).

Smart Vent

Stealth Cowl

It’s not often that one can say a chimney cowl has the luxury of being a decorative feature and the Brewer Stealth Cowl offers just that. With its sleek and aerodynamic design, the stealth cowl combines both practical and aesthetic qualities to bring a unique cowl to the market.

Using a vane and ball bearing system, the Stealth Cowl rotates ensuring that the opening to the flue is always pointed away from the prevailing wind allowing for the efficient exhaust of fumes and smoke in exposed areas (see image below).

Stealth Cowl

The Static Anti Downdraught Chimney Cowl

Becaus of its unique shape the “Static anti downdraught cowl shields the chimney from the wind/air current from any direction, thus preventing down draught. The circular shape gives an exceptionally fast response to any air movement. The design gives added protection against rain penetration and birds nesting. Its a robust stainless steel construction. Please note this cowl is not suitable for anthracite fuel (see image below).

Static Anti-Downdraught Cowl

The Chimney Control

The Chimney Control allows you to control the size of the opening in your chimney. The control is achieved by a simple chain link positioning system. You can control the movement of air up your chimney preventing heat loss in your home. Also you can prevent the air rushing in which also allows you to help achieve more control over your fuel burn. The system comes with a 12 month guarantee (see image below)

Chimney Control Cowl

H Cowl

The H Cowl for Clay Pot is a simple yet effective solution for helping to reduce a down draught in your chimney, while ensuring the flue gases are released into the atmosphere. The down draught enters the vertical sections of the H Cowl and blows downwards to the base of the vertical sections where they meet the exhaust gases and exit through the base of the verticals, thus helping to reduce the draught problem. This cowl has a 200mm diameter. (see image below)

  • Prevents down draughts in chimney
  • Quick & easy to install
  • Complete with fitting instructions
  • Easily removed for cleaning


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